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Who are the Crandalls?

       We are Bill and Karleen. Our children, Jennifer and Jonathan, are both married and out of college. We headed for language school when Jennifer was 6 months old. After finishing language school, in 1984 we headed for Puerto Rico to work on our visas to enter the Dominican Republic. Jonathan was born during this time in Puerto Rico and was a month old when we made the move to Higüey, D.R.

       Bill is from Washington, IL and has the hobby (vice) of “working” on computers. You can see more of what he does ministry-wise by visiting the Ministry page. He has his Bachelor degree in Missions from Midwest Christian College (now merged with Ozark Christian College) and his Masters in Missiology from Abilene Christian University.

       Karleen is a native of Amarillo, Texas and PROUD OF IT! She has been helpful in organizing events for the LICRE churches. She is active in leading discipleship groups and counseling. Add to that trying to keep things on an even keel with Bill’s crazy schedule. She also graduated from Midwest Christian College.

      Jennifer and Andrew were married on July 5, 2003, and are graduates of Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO.  They have four children – three boys and a girl. Jonathan was married to Laura Warren July 31, 2004, and they graduated from Johnson University in Knoxville, TN.  They have one son and one daughter.


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