The Samanes congregation was the first congregation in Guayaquil. It began meeting in March of 1991.


Samanes logo

La Fuente (the fountain) congregation was planted by our teammates Mike and Jill Hook. It first worship services were in November 1992.


La Fuente
logo la fuente

The Torre Fuerte (strong tower) Congregation was started by our teammates Chris and Linda Huber and Chris and Nicia Irwin.


Torre Fuerte
Logo Torre Fuerte

The Orquideas (orchids) congregation was started with the Samanes congregation working with us. Their first worship services were in November 1995.


orquideas 2.jpg
logo de las orquideas

The Vergeles (meadows) was an outreach of La Fuente congregation along with the Hook family. It began in 2002.


Vergeles Logo-tipo

The new congregation in the urbanization “La Joya” (the jewel) is being planted by the Orquideas congregation.

La Joya logo

Mucho Lote #2 is the newest congregation and is being planted in area where there are 10,000 new homes. This new congregation is an outreach of the Samanes congregation.


Mucho Lote 2 Logo tipo